Afrocentric Clothing Excelling

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Global Boundaries

African Fashion is continually escalating and is a raving trend globally. It is a way to celebrate the African tradition and culture with a modern touch. It is now becoming a pervasive style among fashionistas and divas. There has been a drastic increase in African Fashion as an essential part of the global fashion runways with numerous local and international designers following the trend.

Afrocentric clothing is now seen as trendy and chic with more and more people, especially the youth, being drawn into the niche African fashion market and choosing to wear it in everyday life. You can effortlessly make a statement in flattering African print clothing with bold and vibrant colours and intriguing patterns, turning you into a goddess. Individuals enthusiastic about fashion who previously were not aware about African clothing or designs now have infinite choices and a never-ending range of African fashion options.

African clothing encompasses a diverse collection focusing on different types of styles. Following are some of the traditional Afrocentric clothing ideas to incorporate into your modern wardrobe to create exuberating looks suitable for formal, casual, or any other occasion.

  • Caftans

Caftans are long and flowy. These are readily available with a contemporary twist with short in length and flawlessly fitting your curves. You can add chic caftans to your collection to give you the best outfits suitable for all events.

  • The Yoruba

A vintage Nigerian outfit comprising of Buba (a long-sleeve blouse), gele (head tie), iro (fitted wrap skirt), and Pele (a shoulder shawl). You can style this modern Afrocentric fashion in various styles like classy wrap-around dresses and skirts with the elegant lines of the iro.

  • Ankara or Wax Prints

These are distinctive fabric designs focusing on an age-old African textile with designs woven into classy fabrics or printed typically in bright colours. Full-skirted maxi dresses in gorgeous Ankara prints with heritage-inspired accents could be a valuable addition to your modern wardrobe.

  • Dashikis

Iconic loose-fitting West African shirts which feature diverse embellished V-necks, hems, and bell sleeves.

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